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What 2017 Means to a Person in her Golden Age

As the old year passes and we celebrate the coming of 2017, I thought I would share with you what the Holidays mean to a person in her Golden Age.

As we decorate the house with our lights and respective decorations, we realize that we do it out of habit, even though we know that we don’t have young children oohing and awing at the sites of the lights, stockings, animated toys and such. Yes, we will probably have our family over, but not in the grand style that we used to do, and no longer does the whole family get together at the same time. Each family now has more than one perspective parent to satisfy. We celebrate with different sets of family every other year. It saddens me, because my memories always bring back the past when we were all together, children, extended family, and also my parents. GOOD OLD DAYS!

We go shopping for specific desired gifts, but that, too, is no longer revered as it was when the children were young. It is their parents turn to give them what they wished for – – we just fill in with incidentals and look forward to the grandchildren enjoying what we purchased for them.

We treasure the moments that we can spend with our own children and with the grandchildren, because the time passes and the grandkids are growing up; they will be gone too soon. Our home is no longer filled with the noise of laughter, teasing, and giggles, nor the pleasures of seeing the faces of the children when they view the gifts left Christmas morning (though it used to take us all night sometimes putting together the mechanical toys;) however, we are blessed to be included in the morning festivities by going to our family’s home for brunch and being shown what the grandchildren received. Their excitement and happiness makes our happiness.

I have no complaints, only wonderful memories. My husband and I have our health and the continued love of our family, so we look forward to the adventures we will experience in year 2017. 

By the way, we gave a Toothbrush Pillow to one of my card playing group, a wounded warrior from the Viet Nam era, and he loves and uses his gift.

I wish you and your family blessings for the new year.

Dee Winter

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