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. . . .my wonderful mother used to always say – the Golden Ages are not so Golden

I now understand what she was talking about. 

When we were very young, we could hardly wait until we could drive and become independent – life was exciting, full of wonder – curiosity – and the unknown and we lived it in a state of lightheartedness and mirth–we felt wonderful and hoped it would never end.  Then came our 20’s; we had completed our education and felt that we had experienced everything we needed to know.  We were in the best physical condition – belong to a gym, went dancing frequently, were employed, started traveling and had a wide circle of friends. Life was Good! 

Our Social Life was great and through our friendships I met the man with whom I intended to spend the rest of my life.  A person who became my best friend, confidant, and the love of my life.  We got married and had 4 children, Could Life be any Better?

As the children were growing, and in our parental role, we became more involved in their lives – school, scouts, athletics, dancing, music, acting, and, of course, there was our own personal lives.  Can’t forget religious training.  Through all this confusion, I realized that I loved this life we had built together; however, we did look forward to date nights out.  We were proud of our children and were pleased that we also enjoyed them, and they also loved being home with their siblings and parents, and of course bringing all their friends over.  – total Chaos.

The kids are grown now and have moved on in their own lives, had children of their own,  and extended families.  We now have a total of seven Grandchildren.  We thank God for our Blessings.  We are Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and once again involved through our grandchildren in activities, school musicals, sports, chauffeuring, and enjoy sharing their experiences.  We also share the past with the kids, great stories and great memories.   We thoroughly like Horsing around, feeding them meals that they attribute to “Grandmas is the Best”, but maybe not so healthy!  Doting on them when they feel under the weather, cause their parents have to work, and giving them credit for their accomplishments – grades, awards, promotions!  That’s what grandparents do when they are retired. Besides, it is very gratifying to be wanted and needed.

In the prime of my Golden Age, I prioritize my health by reading everything about “Diet, Exercise and Keeping Young.”  Some sticks and some may be forgotten or never applied. Of course I share this knowledge with Family and Friends.   I work out regularly, cook healthy foods ( we all are Ova Vegetarians), and harass my husband about making good choices in food when not home with me.  I realize that my calendar is dotted with Doctors Appointments for my spouse and me ( just as it used to be for my parents.)  Mind you, we are truly healthy.  Thank goodness for Medicare!!!

My biggest sorrow is my large circle of friendships has become much smaller.  Though I am very active  in Exercise Group, Card Groups, Bunco, Women’s Group and staying in touch through our Electronic Age with friends of past, I am constantly reminded how FRAGILE LIFE IS – I have lost many friends in the past years, which causes me to be more aware of my own Mortality.  Though I tease that I expect to live till 102, I really fear living without my partner and love of my life.  Not too many nights go by without these thoughts.  And, surprisingly, being as healthy as I am, our conversations amongst friends still include discussion of joint pain, knee replacement, arthritis, blood pressure, heart, stroke, etc.   There is no getting away from “Age.”  As long as my mind is not affected – I will stay happy!  “Who did you say you are???”

I am sure that you can identify with my life.  It has been wonderful and I wouldn’t change one minute of it.   

Keep Walking, Eating Healthy and Brushing your Teeth; there is a correlation of gum and teeth disease to Heart Attacks and Strokes.

Until next time!


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