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All about yoocan, the world’s first empowerment site for people with disabilities and their families

We are so excited to be working with the amazing people at Yoocan and be an official Yoocan Community Partner.  They have created a world wide platform through their website, store, and social medial to empower people with disabilities and their families.  We are so excited about this relationship, and can’t wait to share even more with our customers.  Below is just a bit of info on Yoocan, but I urge you to take a look at what they are doing, see links below to their site, store (where you can find a Toothbrush Pillow and so many amazing products for people with disabilities) and social media.

All about yoocan, the world’s first empowerment site for people with disabilities and their families

Yoocan Community Partner was created in 2016 to be the leading empowerment source in the world for ideas, tips and solutions to make the life of people living with disabilities better and more inclusive. The goal of yoocan is to showcase all the incredible things that people with disabilities are doing.  From skydiving, to running marathons, to becoming Paralympic athletes, this group of people is accomplishing so many incredible things. yoocan’s mission is to focus on what people can do, and not what they can not.

There are currently over 1,000 storytellers from over 100 countries in the yoocan community. The popular Instagram page @yoocandoanything has over 25,000 followers, sharing 1 unique story of a person living with a disability each day. Each story conveys strong emotion and ultimately, the reader is left with a feeling of empowerment. Comments on stories include praise and words of encouragement as well as others who relate and kindly offer advice.

The yoocan community views each and every person that has shared a story or follows their page to be a part of the yoocan family. Check out yoocan today to share your story, get empowered and maybe even make some new friends!

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