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About Karen – My Journey for Disability Awarness and Advocacy

Hi there! I’m Karen, happily married, mom to two, and step-mom to two. With kids ranging in age from 9-38, and one with special needs, we’ve seen most, if not all, of it. Caleb, our youngest, was born with Down syndrome. We were surprised, but soon decided that working on awareness and advocacy was the road we were headed on. We jumped in, and never looked back. Almost 10 years along in our journey now, and we’ve made new friends, met some amazing people, and have a whole different respect for the term “ability”. A bit about me…. I’m originally from near Chicago (DeKalb, for those who may know it). Graduated from NIU a while ago(!), decided I really did hate snow and cold, packed up my car and moved to FL, where I’ve been happy in the sunshine for almost 30 years now. I’m a lifelong runner, and love to see people with all abilities involved in sports and fitness. We love to travel, and hope to get some miles in this year. I’m a conference-junkie. Love learning new ideas and strategies to help PWD live life to the fullest. I’m hoping to share a bit of disability-related information that I’ve learned along the way with the folks who follow The Toothbrush Pillow (which Caleb uses and loves!) and help a couple great causes as well. Use DISCOUNT CODE: CALEB
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Upcoming topics include:-Tackling the IEP -tapping into local resources -medical information and resources-school-related topics -hygiene and self-care skills -helping your child be independent 
Would love to hear what topics you might be interested in too, if not list above.



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